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What is the deal with businesses (especially large ones) treating all their customers like criminals? Does they seriously think that gives the impression that they give 2 shits about their customers?

I have a small business...I had to get a business license to do that freelance work for my old boss, last fall. It's a sole proprietorship, my name is the only one on the license. With me so far?

Matt (my old boss) finally paid me for the last bit of work I did for him...just 50 bucks for a rewrite on a written enhancement plan. Well, the check was issued to "J & C Business Services", the name of my business. No big. I go to Wells Fargo (where I have banked for approximately 8 years), and I bring all my documentation...driver's license, my bank debit card, and my business license.

I try to go through the drive-thru, and they send me inside. I'm a little ticked, 'cause I just waiting in line at the drive-thru and now I need to go wait in line inside. So I cash my check, and then I ask the teller why I had to come inside; he's not sure, he gets his manager, and this is what she tells me:

They no longer cash business checks for people with personal accounts, at all.

First I'm like, WTF? I (with deliberate calm) point out that my business license is right there, with my name (and only my name) on it. So that check is clearly owed to Jason Goodenbery, and hey right there is a state ID that says that I AM Jason Goodenbery. So what's the problem?

Well, they've had contested checks and lost money on people cashing business checks without having the license on them, or where they weren't the sole proprietor but only a partner, or this thing or that thing.

I point out those are all cases where transactions were done without perfect documentation. That's not me. I have perfect documentation. Why am I being punished because the bank allowed skeptical transactions in the past?

Her answer? Well, that's why I should consider getting a business account.

That is not an answer, people. That is the bank saying what they said in the first fucking place. Which is, "Do it our way, or don't do it". Telling me that you want me to go out of my way to satisfy your unreasonable demands is NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE. It is you, the business, being a prick.

So, again: I hate banks. Yes, I am well aware of the good they do, and that they are necessary for a modern economy, and blah blah blah. That doesn't mean I don't hate them.